Morocco Culture tours 11 days

Morocco Culture tours 11 days

Morocco Culture tours 11 days / Casablanca Imperial cities tours
11 Days


Day 1: Casablanca-Rabat

Morocco Culture tours 11 days Our cultural trip will start in Casablanca. On the appointed day, our professional driver will pick you up from the Airport or our accommodation. Our journey will begin by a short visit to the splendid Hassan II Mosque to see its breath-taking minaret, the tallest in the Muslim World (210m). Later on, we will depart to Rabat, the administrative capital of Morocco. Our mission of discovering Rabat includes visiting Mohammed V Mausoleum, Hassan Tower and Oudaya Kasbah. This Kasbah was built in the 12th century and regarded as Rabat‘s old medina. It has beautiful tidy narrow streets. We will have the opportunity to go through these mesmerising paths that tells stories that go back centuries ago. Then, we will visit the Challah where Islamic & the Roman ruins lie side-by-side whispering eternal stories of many centuries past. (Overnight in Rabat hotel/Riad DP)

Day 2: Rabat-Chefchaouen

Morocco Culture tours 11 days After having breakfast, you will head to chefchaouen. It is a unique city with Moorish architecture not to mention other historical sites. Upon our arrival to the Blue City, we will have some time to promenade in its beautiful cafes in the main square after we check in our Hotel.

Day 3: Chefchaouen Sightseeing

Morocco Culture tours 11 days Chefchaouen lies at the feet of two horn-like mountains, Megou and Tisouka. The people of this region built this city during the early wave of Spanish invasion of Northern Morocco. They built it as a hiding point for the resistance activists and clandestine army. The name Chefchaouen even means, “Look at the horns” in Tamazight (Moroccan Native Language) as an elusive name for those working for the Spanish powers in this region. The Mediterranean identity of the locals shows itself in the blue washed walls of the city’s inside. Walking in its maze-like streets gives a feeling of transcendence over time bringing everyone into the beautiful past of this region. No one really leaves this city without a feeling of appreciation of what human kind can do when aligned with nature with full integration. The people of this city have a unique relationship with Mother Nature and the colours it speaks. They simply paint their houses with what they see in the sky in a sunny day: Sky Blue. Their traditional clothes do not miss any other beautiful colour. We will enjoy a full day in this city. Overnight will be in our Hotel.

Day 4: Chefchaouen-Volubilis-Meknes – Fez

Morocco Culture tours 11 days From the blue Chefchaouen the heart of Morocco, today’s trip will be a mesmerising one. Meknes is the twin city of Fez. The current dynasty built it as their very first capital in their early days. It was the first capital of unified Morocco after centuries of chaos. The walls surrounding it were designed to sustain cannons attacks unlike other medinas. During its times, Meknes was the strongest fortification in all of North Africa. The famous gate Bab Mansour was a sign of defiance to European powers. It also stands on two marble pillars brought from Volubilis as a sign of the power that Moroccans inherited from their Roman, Amazigh and Arab ancestors. A Portuguese captive designed it. This captive served as the architect of the Sultan Moulay Ismail also designing the Sahrij Souani Bassin and the underground prison reserved for Christian corsairs arrested during their attacks on the coastal cities of the Kingdom. These last monuments were in full action in times of war. Then we will visit the Mulay Ismail Mausoleum the founder of the city. After lunch, our journey continues to Volubilis. You are about to embrace the era of Imperial Rome, the moment you visit Volubilis, the Romain ancient city which was under the reign of Caracalla. The city is so well preserved that you can see the distinctive marks of Roman ancient urbanism such as the cardo and the Deunanus which refer to two intersected main streets. If you are familiar with the Islamic cultures, you will have the opportunity to visit Moulay Idriss Citadel which dates back to the 8th century. It goes without saying; it was Moulay Idriss who built it. The value of this citadel lies in the fact that it was the first Islamic capital when the Arab Muslims came first to Morocco. Then, we will drive to Fez. Overnight will be in our Riad/Hotel in Fez.

Day 5: Fez

Morocco Culture tours 11 days Early in the morning, we will start our journey in the beating heart of Morocco. Fez’ fame stands as Morocco’s spiritual, cultural and intellectual center. It has the oldest University in the world known as the Qaraouine University. This city makes a strong hold of both conservative and Modern communities. It is the second biggest city in Morocco. As we strand along its wide streets, the new part of the old medina (14th century) will be our first stop. The Mullah (Jewish Quarter) is the main neighborhood in this part of the medina. Then we will give Fez El-Bali or the old town (8th century) inside the walls a chance to take us into the depth of time and space. We will roam in its maze like small streets. We will see potters, smiths; artisans and donkeys laden with goods from diverse backgrounds and giving short gazes at the visitors and wandering in its complicated streets. Fez is also famous for their souk and tanneries; we will be able to partake the artisan process inherited from their ancestors since the medieval ages to get that colorful leather. Lunch will be on a rooftop in one of the Medina’s most exotic restaurants. Accommodation will be in a local Riad.

Day 6: Fez-Ifrane-Azrou-Midelt-Erfoud-Merzouga

Morocco Culture tours 11 days Our journey today to discover the mystics and the cultures of Morocco will start by following the track of the Medieval Caravans to the gate of the Sahara. From Fez, we will head to Merzouga. The spectacular view of the middle Atlas depicted in cedar trees and pines will take your breath away.
Passing by Imouzzer with a quick stop at the Suisse city of Ifrane, you will have the opportunity to visit the important forest in Morocco and you will be able to see Berber apes Around Azrou.
From middle Atlas to high Atlas Mountains of around 12,000 feet height. At Midelt we could have lunch there.
This charming town is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. It is famous by harvesting high quality apples. Lunch will be in one of the traditional restaurants of this town choosing our today’s dish from a rich Atlassi menu. The green mountainous scenery will shift to a warmer one as we arrive to the gate of the Sahara and the great Oasis of Taffilalet. We will stop in Erfoud for a short break to see the diverse cultural heritage this region has. Then we will go to Merzouga as our last stop in the desert. Upon our arrival, a camel man will welcome us with a pot of mint tea as his ancestors used to do. Then he will carry us on the back of his camel caravan following invisible pathways to a nomad camp. In this camp, we will enjoy nomadic mythical dances and sleep under the Milky Way and the Poles Stars.

Day 7: Merzouga

Morocco Culture tours 11 days Early in the morning, our camel man will try to wake us up. He will make sure not to miss the beautiful rise of the Sahara sun. This variegated show is fascinating. It gives a feeling of transcendence over time and space. It proves the never-ending beauty of the Sahara is eternal. After breakfast, we will start our adventure to explore the area around Merzouga. The people living in this region had developed a sense of time and space different from that of big cities. For them, home is a vast place, not walled or limited by personal property. Water is a communal property where everyone gets to use. We will visit a Nomad family. They will show us a glimpse of their lifestyle and explain the hardships as well the tranquillity they enjoy in the Sahara. Our adventure will also take us to a nomad wire house to discover the mining history that this region had in the beginning of the 20th century. On the afternoon, we will have time to rest and have lunch before riding our camels through the Erg Chebbi to appreciate the beauty of the sunset. Overnight will be in our Hotel.

Day 8: Merzouga – Rissani – Todra Gorges – Dades Valley-Ouarzazate

Morocco Culture tours 11 days You will wake up early to see the sun rise over the spectacular Merzouga dunes. This variegated show is fascinating. It gives a feeling of transcendence over time and space. It proves the never-ending beauty of the Sahara. After breakfast, we will head towards the fascinating cliffs of Todgha. Along the way to these formations, we will notice Nomad villages scattering around in the feet of the Atlas Mountains and around the Oasis and Water sources. They lay there comfortably with their minarets standing stout resisting the desert harsh conditions and looking over them. Upon our arrival to Todgha Gorges, we will notice their breath-taking height. Soon afterwards, you will come to Dade’s valley with its splendid and spectacular spring view of roses blooming everywhere. Finally, we are in Ouarzazate, a large oasis situated between Draa valleys and the high Atlas Mountains. Overnight and dinner will be in a Riad.

Day 9: Ouarzazate – Ait ben Haddou – Tizi Ntichka Pass – High Atlas Mountains – Marrakech

Morocco Culture tours 11 days In the morning, we will have warm mint tea for breakfast, and then we will continue our journey to the mystical city of Marrakesh. We will stop in the famous Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, the biggest Kasbah in Morocco. Et Hami El Glaoui, the founder of this Kasbah, was one of the last Berber rulers during the 19th century. During his time, he was one of the strongest men in the Kingdom. His fame was overseas. His guests were V.I.Ps from all over the world. George Orwell was one of his regular visitors. He used to host them in this Kasbah. It is now a house of many Glaoui people. Our last stop will be in Marrakesh where will have a sight on the famous square of Jamai’ ElFna. This square is a folk gathering of locals and natives seeking spicy street food and entertainment. Overnight will be in a cosy Riad/ Hotel

Day 10: Marrakech Sightseeing

Morocco Culture tours 11 days Today’s tour will be an art show of the mystics of Marrakesh. Early in the morning after breakfast, we will start our whole day exploration of the legendary red City of Marrakesh. The old medina, the square of Jemma el-Fna, and the Majorelle Gardens. Marrakech old medina is an escape from the fancy modern hotels, clubs, and restaurants. The Mullah (Jewish neighbourhood), the ornate 19th century Bahia Palace, and the crumbling 16th century Badi Palace are the main attractions in this century old city. The square of Jemma El-Fna and the Koutoubia mosque are UNESCO wold heritage sites. The square is a space where time refuses to move on for centuries. The vibes here will take us transcendentally with its fabled snake charmers, monkey tamers, acrobats, musicians, orange juice sellers, and storytellers. Marrakesh hosted three environmental summits; more than any other city in the World. Even the environment treaty is named and signed in Marrakesh. This fact made the province of Marrakesh pay more attention to the municipal gardens of the city, keeping them green and glowing. Our excursion into Marrakesh’s new town will give us a chance to visit the lush Majorelle Gardens. The French artist Jacques Majorelle designs them in the 1920s and 1930s. Now, they feature a striking array of cactus species from all over the world in Art Deco inspired grounds. Famous for its iconic blue walls, the Majorelle Gardens also house an excellent museum devoted to Berber culture and history. Our tour finishes by checking-in our Riad/Hotel for Overnight and Dinner.

Day 11: Airport Transfer

Morocco Culture tours 11 days On the last day of our exciting tour in unveiling the northern mystics of the beautiful kingdom of Morocco, we will meet our professional driver at an already appointed time. He will accompany to your accommodation/ Airport anywhere in Rabat, Casablanca, or Marrakesh.

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